About Us

gga is one of a select group of national executive search firms that specializes in recruitment services for public housing executives and other nonprofit executives. Because of our incomparable experience and knowledge of the housing industry, our extensive and diverse data base of housing professionals, we are the search firm of choice for many of our clients, especially those with difficult and challenging searches. We have provided executive recruitment services to 5 of the 10 largest housing authorities in the country, and over 100 housing and redevelopment authorities and public-sector entities in 18 states and the Virgin Islands.
We also provide our executive recruitment services to a wide array of other public sector and private sector entities such as cities and counties, redevelopment authorities, nonprofits and private corporations. Many of our clients have retained us on multi-year contracts or hired us for subsequent searches over the years.

The Keys to Our Success

gga has been successful as a premier executive search and human resources consultant for over 35 years because we bring to every engagement:

  • A comprehensive understanding our client’s industry trends and the challenges they face
  • A thoroughly researched and detailed understanding of our clients and their needs
  • A carefully crafted job description and a competitive compensation package
  • A laser-like focus on aligning the ideal candidate with each position filled
  • An efficient, state of the art search methodology
  • An extensive data base of over 50,000 housing, nonprofit and public sector executives

RECENT Clients