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Gans, Gans & Associates (gga) is a human resource consulting and executive search firm founded in Chicago in 1986.

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Simone Gans Barefield, CEO

Gans, Gans & Associates is a minority and women owned executive recruitment and human resources consulting firm founded in Chicago in 1986 and currently based in the Tampa Bay area. Placing the right leadership at the right place at the right time is what gga has done for our clients for almost 35 years. Effective executive recruitment is both science and art and it is quantitative and qualitative. We specialize in identifying highly talented and strategic leaders and executives for organizations that are either stable, in transition or at a moment of crisis. Whatever the stage of an organization’s evolution, the challenge of selecting the right person is daunting and the process uncertain. gga demystifies the executive recruitment process and is the ideal firm – for your most challenging searches.


Under general supervision the Senior Counsel is responsible for drafting and/or reviewing documents relating to the development of affordable housing and other legal documents, including but not limited to, procurement solicitations, contracts, license agreements, leases for non-residential properties, Board resolutions, human resources policies, etcetera. In addition, the Senior Counsel will be responsible for advising management on issues involving the agency’s public housing and voucher programs and reviewing or drafting correspondence and other documents relevant to the agency’s operations.

Reporting to the Board of Commissioners, the CEO is responsible for leading, managing, and growing RHA by serving as a visionary leader who inspires excellence and manages performance and strategic change within the organization. A critical responsibility of the CEO is working with the Board of Commissioners to build a substantial affordable housing real estate development capacity while continuing to assure RHA’s high-performer status with HUD and other oversight agencies. The CEO advises the Board on the agency’s mission, vision, community partnerships, housing development, resident programs, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

The CEO/Executive Director provides leadership and strategic direction for a large and complex affordable housing developer and asset/property management entity with a wide portfolio of HUD programs as well as extensive non-HUD regulated assets. The FY23 LIPH operating budget is $11.9M, the 2022 capital fund grant is $3.4M, and non-federal operating budget is $1.3M.  The Athens HA is a partner in a mixed finance redevelopment project in north downtown Athens with a total, multi-phase budget of $300M.   The scope of strategic and operational leadership and direction covers property management and maintenance, financial and asset management, property acquisition and development, repair and weatherization programs, resource conservation, resident and community services, tax-exempt bond financing, and program research and evaluation. Responsibilities include development of strategic objectives, goals, and policies under the direction of the Board of Commissioners, short- and long-term financial planning, and the successful execution of day-to-day operations. Organizational supervision is exercised over all personnel within the organization using a consistent, clear, highly collaborative, and supportive communication style.

The CEO/Executive Director must work strategically and diplomatically with a wide variety of public officials and governmental entities, nonprofits, large employers, private developers, professional associations, and advocacy organizations in a collaborative and persuasive manner. The CEO/Executive Director must have a strong grounding in housing development and operations and be knowledgeable about federal, state, and local affordable housing programs, particularly programs that can be used to expand or sustain Athens HA’s housing inventory. The CEO/Executive Director must have an understanding of housing trends and the social, economic, health and support needs of low-income housing populations and their communities. It is essential that the CEO/Executive Director also have a clear understanding of the history of housing discrimination, displacement, and racial disparities in access to housing and public services.

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Financial Management and Compliance Center Director leads the efficient and effective operation of the Financial Management and Compliance Center (FMCC); manages the financial and accounting activities of the Clearwater Housing Authority (CHA), Clearwater Housing Development Corporation (CHDC), and the Economies of Scale (EOS) partner agencies. Plans, organizes, directs, advises, monitors and reports on activities related to investments, accounting, budgeting, auditing, cash management, analysis and financial reporting; directs and administers internal quality control and compliance audits of program files; and ensures financial integrity and compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations as well as investor requirements and agency policy of CHA, CHDC, and EOS partner agencies. 

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From GGA Clients

“Working with Gans, Gans and Associates has been invaluable in several Executive level searches conducted at this agency.  Their professionalism and persistence to ensure the right match between candidate and position is notable.  The attention paid to culture and climate in an organization and skills, ability and personal characteristics of the candidate helps in successful placements. ”

Karen DuBois-Walton

Former President, Elm City Communities

“I have been working for housing authorities for more than 30 years and when it comes to top tier recruitment gga is my number one source for industry leaders. In Jacksonville, we were in need of a CFO, gga instantly produced a roster of first-rate candidates with outstanding qualifications. Their firm continues to be the one-stop shop for organization in need of next level executive leaders.”

Dwayne Alexander

Interim President/CEO, Jacksonville Housing Authority
“I previously served as president of one of the nation’s largest Medicaid managed care and related business, AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies which has a high demand for qualified staff that are devoted to excellence. I first used gga in 1994 and have hired her firm numerous times at other organizations that I have managed. She has been a trusted advisor and dependable resource for our management teams at every engagement. In fact,18 years ago, Simone, helped connect me with a position that has resulted in a fantastic, fruitful career. Since that time, gga has provided us with executive search, contract staffing and diversity consulting services. At one point, our Claims department at AHMFC was successfully outsourced to gga for an 18-month staffing project. Advice given is always right on target. They not only get to know the client, but also the client’s environment. I always enjoy having gga as part of my team!”

Michael A. Rashid

Director of Commerce, City of Philadelphia

“gga is a proven leader in executive search providing exceptional candidates and support throughout the recruiting process. The entire gga search process is designed to empower the client to select from a strong slate of accomplished and competitive candidates that best fits their organization. Our agency had great success with gga and selected an outstanding candidate that is performing exceptionally well and enabling us to make the right decisions and rapid progress in fulfilling our mission and goals. Much of our accomplishment we attribute to the quality of the search process, guidance and support gga provided throughout in the selection, on-boarding, and orientation with our new CEO.”

Thomas Lounds

Board Chair, Spartanburg Housing Authority

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